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simplex Meeting 6.11 Version


We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.11 of simplex Meeting scheduled for November 26th 2022

  • Possibility to open and present Office documents
  • Higher video quality without additional bandwith requirements
  • Waiting Room (Lobby)
  • Two-factor authentication for account logins
  • Bulk import addresses and manage groups in teh address book
  • Individual audio adjustment
  • Nametag of screen sharing participant
  • Default settings for different meeting types
  • Helpful tooltpis and pointers

simplex Meeting 6.10 Version


We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.10 of simplex Meeting scheduled for July 31st 2022.

  • Video server scaling
  • Multi-lingual meetings – language channels
  • Breakout rooms
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Allow to share sound when sharing the desktop
  • Implement "Take" button
  • Allow picture-in-picture for videos
  • Tables in text editors
  • Pattern backgrounds for Whiteboards
  • Developer feature – MediaStreamConstraints through API call
  • Developer feature – new webhooks
  • Self-serving white label trial accounts
  • Additional features

simplex Meeting 6.9 Version


We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.9 of simplex Meeting.

  • Available in Ukrainian
  • Checklist in the agenda and the meeting minutes
  • Schedule meetings on the second Thursday of a month
  • Partially recorded meetings
  • Audio player
  • Meeting Room Widgets
  • Video display calculator
  • Additional White Label Settings

simplex meeting 6.8


We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.8 of simplex Meeting.

  • Presentation Room Layout
  • Dark Mode
  • Mobile Floating Videos
  • Virtual and Hybrid Events (Director role added)
  • Coffee Break feature
  • Network Statistics
  • Reminder Emails

simplex Meeting 6.7 Version


We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.7 of simplex Meeting.

This release includes UI design changes to our meeting room. We have also worked on the server infrastructure to better support meeting participants behind corporate firewalls or weak internet access points. 

This release includes the following new features:

  • Make tests mandatory before joining a meeting
  • Open Boardroom and Webinars for moderators/organizers 1 hour before the meeting starts
  • Allow pasting files to upload documents and add images as a whiteboard background
  • Move Polls to its own tab
  • New button added to create a screenshot of a shared screen and add it as a whiteboard background image When someone mutes his video, we indicate this to others and don't just show a black image anymore
  • A Dominant Speaker algorithm highlights the person who is speaking and optionally puts the dominant speaker in the primary video window
  • Cursors show the person editing the Agenda or the Meeting Minutes. We have also fixed the bug which prevented multi-level intention of bullet points.

Please visit the following link for detailed description of all new features.

New features - simplex Meeting 6.7

The brand new functions of simplex UI


Chat Performance: Through optimization of the chat performance, we are now able to offer you an even more powerful chatting tool. We have significantly improved the transmission speed and increased the number of messages that can be transmitted simultaneously. These upgrades allow you to have a high stability even within very large groups.

Viewing Hours: You have the possibility to purchase “Viewing hours” packages. Thanks to a newly installed function, you can now get an overview of your viewing hours immediately after the live event. Under the menu option "Statistics" you can check your current “Viewing hours” data at any time.

Attachment for Live and On Demand: To provide your audience with even more information, you are now able to upload additional documents or set up a hyperlink for your audiences in “Settings” under the “Attachment” section.

Safe individual authentication: From now on you can generate a single-use password for your event with the new function «Authentication, Individual login key & password (Single Session)». Please note that with the password, users can log in to the event only once. To create an individual login access for each participant, you can upload a personalized user list to automatically generate an individual link for each participant.

Have we piqued your interest? Would you like to receive more information? We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

LEVEL UP! - New opportunities and possibilities through virtual events


Join our virtual event Level Up! – together with the Livestream Agency and eyevip - on June 21, 2021. Learn more about the advantages and possibilities of virtual events and ask all your virtual events related questions. The event Level Up! will take place online from 16:00 to 17:00. Afterwards there will be a «Virtual Get Together» where you will have the opportunity to exchange your ideas and experiences.

Sign up now and learn more on how to successfully realize virtual and hybrid events:

We can’t wait to welcome you as an attendee!


xtendx Live Support: In the middle of it, instead of just part of it!


During a live event, it can be crucial to be able to react within seconds. Even with the best planning, it is not always possible to anticipate everything that might happen. As per of May 1, 2021, we are offering our new live support for your virtual event. 

You have the option to book an xtendx employee who will attend your virtual event via our online service and advise you from beginning to end. During the preparations before the event, we will support you with the handling of the software and provide you with tips and tricks. If needed, we will also guide you through the processes of your final rehearsal. 

Live Support helps to clarify open questions immediately and to resolve any problems that occur as quickly as possible. Live Support also offers you uncomplicated, pragmatic problem solving so that you can concentrate on your event.

Please contact us if we have interested you in live support. We will be happy to advise you by phone on +41 43 299 92 92 or you can send us your request using the contact form.

Hail Climate Switzerland


It gives us new energy to be able to support people with our software solutions at these virtual events. We are therefore very pleased that we were able to contribute to the successful implementation of the “Hagelklima” event.

World Tourism Forum Lucerne


We are pleased to be the streaming partner for today’s World Tourism Forum Event in Lucerne, which takes place today. One of the guests is the Swiss Federal Councilor Guy Parmelin.

Click here to see the program and the online registration.
The show will start at 16.30.

simplex Meeting & simplex Platform Integration


We are pleased to inform you about the new simplex Meeting & simplex Platform integration. 

With this integration of simplex Meeting & simplex another big step has been taken to combine the strength of both systems together.
With simplex Meeting & simplex Integration you can now easily stream your meeting or webinar live directly from simplex Meeting. In the meeting itself you can simply start the webcast and the content of the meeting will be streamed live within the selected simplex project. With this integration you enable an almost unlimited number of viewers.
The simplex Meeting & simplex Collector Integration allows simplex Meeting organizers to automatically upload meeting summaries and recordings to their simplex Collector account which can be viewed in the already known visual experience.

Visit the links below to get a detailed description on all new features.

    simplex Meeting & simplex Integration

    simplex Meeting & simplex Collector Integration

    simplex Meeting 6.6 Version


    We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.6 of simplex Meeting.

    It comes packed with new features and additional configuration options immediately available to all of you. This release contains the following highlights and much more:

    • More space on the screen due to a separate column and the possibility to hide the video
      Meeting registration form
    • Various new meeting room functions
    • Various new webinar functions
    • Improved date survey
    • Improved privacy
    • New role "account member" in meeting permissions
    • simplex Meeting and simplex Platform integrations

      Visit the links below to get a detailed description of all new features.

      New Features in simplex Meeting 6.6

      Create Project & Select Profile in simplex


      Up to now you could only create a project with the "default profile" in simplex. Thus, the creation of a project with additional profiles was only possible via simplex Pro. 

      We are pleased to be able to offer you this function in simplex as well. From now on you can select the desired profile from your list via pull-down menu during the creation of a new project and thus add it to the project. 

      Create Project & Select Profile in simplex

      New Features under "Tools & Settings" Menu in simplex


      New month, new release of simplex. The following functions have been added to the "Tools & Settings" menu:

      • Profile Management
      • Channel Management
      • Player Management 

      Under the menu "Profile Management" you will find all profiles available in your account and can edit them here. Furthermore, you can also create and configure new profiles here.  Under the menu "Player Management" you will find all players existing in your account and under the menu "Channel Management" you will find all existing channels. Please note that new channels can only be created with a customer account.

      New  Features under "Tools & Settings" Menu in simplex

      simplex Meeting 6.5 Version


      We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.5 of simplex Meeting. 

      It comes packed with new features and additional configuration options immediately available to all of you. This release contains the following highlights features and much more:

      • Muted by Default feature for Boardroom and Audio Only meetings: all participants except the moderator are muted when joined
      • Follow Me feature allows organizers to control visible tabs for all meeting participants.
      • iOS 14 Audio-Usability Up-Date
      • YouTube & Video player volume setting
      • Meeting summary PDF with a new cover page
      • Features to enable better integrations into 3rd party applications:
        • Allow embedding meeting room as iFrame
        • Query parameters to configure the meeting room externally
        • Better and new web-hooks
      • Outlook AddIn for Microsoft 365 Up-Date

      Visit the links below to get a detailed description of all new features as well as the technical documents.

      New Features in simplex Meeting 6.5
      simplex Meeting Query Parameters
      simplex Meeting Webhooks

      simplex reporting performance


      Feedback from our customers is important to us and we are constantly working on improvements of our solutions. One of them is a significant increase in reporting performance. The reports are now displayed for the most part without any delay.

      New "Tools & Settings" menu in simplex


      New month, new release of simplex. All settings can now be found under the menu "Tools & Settings". As you can already see here, we are working hard behind the scenes to bring you additional functions like a Profile-, Channel- and Player Manager. Of course we will inform you as soon as these are available.


      simplex Registration Form


      The new Simplex registration form is now more flexible than ever as you can customize the design per event. In addition, you get the following advantages: 

      • New Data protection conditions
      • Free design of the form text fields
      • Set form fields as mandatory
      • Forms can be added to one or more projects/events 

      Enclosed you will find a detailed description of the new registration form.

      Detailed description of the new registration form

      simplex Meeting 6.4 Version


      We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.4 of simplex Meeting. This release contains the following new features:

      • Boardroom with 30 instead of 10 participants
      • New full screen video layout on the participants view
      • Meeting authentication for greater security: none, invited participants, account members, platform members, external authorization service
      • Blurred video background
      • Blurred faces in video
      • New Legal & Compliance settings

      Visit the link below to get a detailed description of all new features as well as a technical documentation on how to implement external simplex Meeting authorization service.

      simplex Meeting 6.4 Version - New Features
      simplex Meeting - External Meeting Authorization Service

      simplex Meeting 6.3 Version


      We are pleased to inform you about the official release 6.3 of simplex Meeting. This release contains the following new features:

      • Polling
      • Stripe integration
      • Meeting calendar
      • Timezone picker
      • Youtube player
      • Custom white-label CSS
      • Participants Email email: hidden, required, optional
      • Simplified API for scheduling meetings
      • Re-assign hierarchies
      • SAML authentication
      • RTMP Broadcasting

      It also includes improved audio handling for iOS devices and several bug fixes.  

      Visit the link below to get a detailed description of all new features.

      simplex Meeting 6.3 Version - New Features
      simplex Meeting - RTMP Broadcasting

      StriveCast Partner Blog Article about Security in Video Conferencing


      StriveCast Partner Blog Article about Security in Video Conferencing

      Are your video conferences meeting your company's security standards?

      The current blog article from our partner presents five topics that are important for secure video streaming solutions.

      StriveCast blog article: 5 Essential Topics to Consider for Secure Video Conferencing

      Enterprise video platform provider xtendx integrates Web conferencing functionality


      Press release/ Regensdorf, 4 June 2020

      Enterprise video platform provider xtendx integrates Web conferencing functionality

      Swiss software companies xtendx and Veeting enter into technology partnership

      The enterprise video platform provider xtendx and Veeting, the manufacturer of the web conferencing solution Veeting Rooms, are expanding their existing sales cooperation into a strategic technology partnership. In doing so, xtendx integrates Veeting's technology into its own enterprise video platform Simplex and thus extends it with new functionalities.

      You can find more information here: Press release - Enterprise video platform provider xtendx integrates Web conferencing functionality - Strong together


      Strong together
      As a collective of partners, we offer you professional and comprehensive support in interactive communication with your target groups.
      Curious? Be part of the launch of our dialogue platform on 23.4.2020
      We are very pleased to invite you to the interactive live show of You can register here.

      Are you ready for digital communication?


      Video conferences, online meetings and webinars are on everyone's lips. The subject of digital communication is highly topical and a "must-have" for every organization. With simplex Meeting we offer THE solution for online communication, whether for direct collaboration with participants at different locations or with limited travel possibilities and to save travel times and costs.
      Start now. Create your free test account today.

      Bühler Group annual result press conference 2020


      Bühler Group is an international active Swiss technology company. The livestream of the annual results press conference was broadcasted with simplex.

      FutureHealth Basel with simplex


      More simplex features


      We are pleased to present more exciting features of the simplex web application: Subtitles, Authentication, ChatWall, Statistics, Single Sign-On
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of November 28, 2019.

      Live stream of the Uster Games 2019 with xtendx


      Once a year, the three clubs TV Uster Handball, UHC Uster and Volley Uster gather together and organize a joint event. The eighth edition of the multisport event under the title Uster Games will be held on 23 and 24 November in the Buchholz sports hall in Uster. The games on Saturday can be followed live on the Internet.
      Organization: Uster Games
      Media partner: Zü

      simplex interfaces for developers


      The simplex interfaces allow developers to use information about projects and channels in their own applications and to execute simplex functions directly. With the simplex REST API (Application Programming Interface), developers can integrate simplex functions into their own applications. The simplex Player API allows developers to access information and features of the simplex player.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of November 14, 2019.

      Swiss Innovation Forum with simplex


      On 21 November 2019, you will receive your «annual dose of inspiration» at the Congress Center Basel. As official network partner for the Swiss Innovation Forum we ensure that all keynotes are available as video-webcast on the internet.

      Swiss International Finance Forum with simplex


      Our partner Kilchenmann broadcasts the livestream of the leading international conference for the financial and capital markets with simplex.

      Business Innovation Week with simplex


      As an official video content partner, xtendx was in Zurich Oerlikon 1.10. - 3.10.2019 at the new business event for innovation and digitization.
      In the STREAMING-CUBE, together with our partner seervision, we presented Enterprise Video solutions and autonomous robot camera systems. The visitors were able to get advice from our experts with many years of experience in the areas of webcasting and live streaming.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of October 31, 2019.

      NZZ Real Estate Days with simplex


      xtendx is proud to be a network partner of the NZZ Real Estate Days 31.10./1.11. in Interlaken. Our partner Kilchenmann broadcasts the livestream of the event with simplex.

      Peer-to-peer livestreaming without installation


      xtendx presents the next generation of Peer-to-Peer livestreaming. Strive's technology creates a dynamic video delivery network between connected devices that are watching a live video stream, so there is no installation of software necessary.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of October 17, 2019.

      Visit us at the STREAMING-CUBE


      Look over our shoulders at the production of livestreams and webcasts. Together with our partner seervision we present enterprise video solutions and autonomous robot camera systems. Visit us at STREAMING-CUBE and meet our experts from 1.10. - 3.10.2019 in the StageOne Event & Convention Hall Zurich.

      xtendx at Business Innovation Week


      xtendx is the official video content partner of the Business Innovation Week 2019, the new business event for innovation and digitization, trends and the latest technologies. The livestream of the event and the webcasts of the Future Conference will be broadcasted with the simplex platform.

      Live Webcasting "Showcase Package"


      Webcasts are playing an increasingly important role in the areas of training, documentation and knowledge transfer. Surely you too have content and messages that can best be communicated with a webcast.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of August 29, 2019.

      Livestreaming login and registration form


      With the authentication methods available in simplex Pro, a login form can be activated in the simplex Player with or without password prompting. With a customisable registration form additional information about the user as well as further data for the statistical evaluation can be collected.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of August 15, 2019.

      simplex Platform nominated for Streaming Media European Readers Choice Awards


      The simplex Platform by xtendx AG is nominated for the Europe’s prestigious streaming Awards in the categories “Webcast Platform” and “Enterprise Video Solution”.
      Vote now the Streaming Media European Readers Choice Awards.

      simplex Livestreaming


      xtendx presents another feature of the simplex web application: Livestreaming. Now switch to live, directly in the simplex web application. Activate the chat moderated or open and start the event countdown. The video signal is received via RTMP directly from a hardware or software encoder.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of July 18, 2019.

      Live-streaming browser-requirements


      Modern technologies allow for an optimal live-streaming experience. This establishes this communication channel for companies. Current browser versions support the HTML5 technology, which is used by default for playback in the simplex player.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of July 4, 2019.

      CE2 – Circular Economy Entrepreneurs 2019 with simplex


      CE2 – Circular Economy Entrepreneurs – brings together the key Swiss players from Econ- omy, Research and Politics, shaping today the business models of tomorrow. The live stream and the ondemand videos for later playback are produced by our partner Kilchenmann with the simplex platform.

      CE2 – Circular Economy Entrepreneurs

      Case Study: Webcasting Studio


      xtendx has designed and set up a webcasting studio. This allows the customer to transmit live lectures and information for the employees completely independently and in high quality and to make them available as ondemand video for later playback. Check out the case study Webcasting Studio to find out which challenges were faced and mastered during the implementation.

      simplex chat moderation


      xtendx is pleased to present another live streaming feature of the simplex web application: chat moderation. Moderate the chat by writing messages to the viewers and determine which comments are displayed in the chat.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of May 23, 2019.

      Swiss Economic Forum 2019 with simplex


      xtendx is a network partner of the Swiss Economic Forum 2019. The presentations are available in the archive as ondemand videos.

      Swiss Economic Forum 2019

      World Tourism Forum Lucerne


      xtendx is the official supplier of this year's World Tourism Forum and provides all presentations as webcasts.

      Further development of the simplex platform


      xtendx presents the next step in the further development of the simplex platform. Easily create and edit your video projects from anywhere with your mobile devices. The web application for video management has been completely redesigned.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of April 16, 2019.

      NZZ x-days Live-Streaming


      The NZZ X-Days from Interlaken are streamed live by our partner Kilchenmann with the simplex Platform.

      simplex Platform Redesign


      The video administration interface for the simplex Platform is currently being completely redesigned. The new design is clear and enables efficient work. Using the latest technology, the web application can be used on all browsers and devices.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of March 21, 2019.

      simplex @ Swiss Marketing Day


      Like in the last years, we support the Marketing Day 2019 at the KKL with recordings and web-streamings. 

      Case Study: Digital Asset Management Platform


      The digital asset management platform «Medienraum» from Mobiliar is based on the simplex Collector. The tailor-made solution was developed and implemented by xtendx. Find out more about the initial situation, the challenges and the implemented solution in the case study Mobiliar Medienraum

      simplex Pro: Cloud Encoding


      With simplex Pro Cloud Encoding, projects are published faster and synchronized between different local machines.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of February 7, 2019.

      Webcast production: Hardware


      simplex also supports hardware components that connect multiple audio and video signals. For example a hardware setup, as it can be used for a webcast with camera picture and laptop presentation (with animations and / or integrated videos).
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of January 24, 2019.

      simplex live from the WEF


      In cooperation with our professional partner Mediarent, our customers stream directly and live from this year's WEF in Davos

      New simplex Player version


      The simplex default player appears in version 2.0 in a modern and simple design and can be optimally integrated into responsive websites. The navigation has been completely redesigned and optimized for usability on touchscreen devices. The subtitle language as well as the video quality can be selected in the settings menu. For webcasts with presentations, the user can choose the presentation size of video and presentation.

      Case Study Swiss Re Player


      Based on the simplex PDK (Player Development Kit), a player was developed for Swiss Re. Design and functionality were implemented according to customer requirements.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of January 10, 2019.

      WEMF event with simplex platform


      WEMF invites on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 to the Swiss Media Research Day in the Kursaal Berne. The event will be streamed live with simplex Pro and will be available as a webcast afterwards.

      simplex live streaming


      Corporate communication, industry conference or sports event - simplex live streaming is simple. Send your message secure for a specific group of people or to a global audience.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of November 15, 2018.

      Uster Games Live-Stream


      xtendx presents the commented Uster Games in the Live-Stream (Volleyball, Unihockey, Handball).
      Organization: Uster Games
      Media Partner: Regio/Zü

      simplex Channel Player Redesign Demo


      The simplex Channel Player appears in a new, modern and simple design.
      On the demo page you will find examples of channels with ondemand videos and webcasts.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of November 1, 2018.

      simplex Player for Citrix Workspace


      For customers of the simplex platform, a player has been implemented which is optimized for use in a Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of October 18, 2018.

      simplex Player Parameters


      simplex player parameters are used to influence functions and representations in the simplex player. Functional parameters determine the type of video playback, while visual parameters allow the presentation to be changed.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of October 4, 2018.

      simplex Player Redesign Demo


      The simplex default player appears in a new, modern and simple design.
      On the demo page you will find examples of ondemand videos and webcasts.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of September 20, 2018.

      simplex Player Analytics Tracking


      The simplex player provides the ability to easily collect data to analyze the use of ondemand and live video. Known tracking tools can be integrated with parameters without the need for additional tracking code on the website.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of September 6, 2018.

      SIF 2018 with xtendx


      On November 22 2018, Switzerland's leading innovation conference will take place for the thirteenth time at the Congress Center in Basel. As in the past, keynotes will be streamed by the simplex platform:

      Access authorization for user groups


      Simplex SAML for groups allows to control the access to video content for user groups. Each user can be assigned to a specific group. It is defined for the entire group which videos can be viewed.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of August 23, 2018.

      Case Study Individual Video Portal


      The live broadcast of sporting events on the Internet is popular and increases the range enormously. On the basis of the simplex platform, xtendx developed an individual video portal according to the needs of Swiss Unihockey.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of June 28, 2018.

      simplex Player Redesign


      The simplex default player is currently being completely reworked.
      Thanks to the modern and simple transparent design, the player can be optimally integrated into websites.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of June 14, 2018.

      simplex Video Player Accessibility


      Did you know that the Simplex Default Player provides barrier-free access?
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of May 31, 2018.

      simplex platform optimizations


      A successful video platform is growing with users need for video content. With the last shared-cloud server update various optimizations could be achieved on the simplex platform. By using the latest technologies, videos can be delivered efficiently and reliably even with a high number of accesses.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of May 17, 2018.

      NZZ REAL ESTATE DAYS with simplex


      xtendx is repeatedly a network partner of NZZ RED at the beginning of November in Interlaken, and broadcasts the event live with simplex.

      You decide who is allowed to see your content


      Edit the authentication method directly in simplex Pro and decide selective, who has access to your content and how.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of May 3, 2018.

      xtendx Live Webcast CANON@EDUCATION at ZHdK


      Use the simplex player to transfer videos to the TV screen


      The simplex player now offers the possibility to stream content to the TV screen and to bring it to its best advantage.
      More about this can be found in the xtendx Newsletter of 19 April 2018.

      Zurich Insurances with simplex


      We are delighted to announce, that ZURICH (Zurich Insurance Company Ltd) is using simplex for live webcasting.

      Swiss Marketing Day with simplex


      As in the previous year, the presentations at this year's Swiss Marketing Day at KKL Lucerne will be made available as an appealing simplex video portal.

      NZZ Real Estate Days by xtendx


      Directly from Interlaken to the web with the powerful simplex platform:

      WEMF with simplex


      This years WEMF Event from Kursaal in Berne will be streamed live by simplex Pro, and available later as on-demand version in the simplex webcast player. 

      simplex Pro 2.0



      If you already belong to our loyal customers, you may have already gained some experience with simplex Pro 2.0. If not, we would be pleased to show you the state-of-the-art software for professional webcasting directly on site, so that you can convince yourself of the simple usability. Ask us for a demo now. 

      SIF 2017 with xtendx


      On the 16th November 2017, Switzerland's leading innovation conference will take place for the twelfth time at the Congress Center in Basel. As in the past. keynotes will be streamed by the simplex platform:

      Swiss Economic Forum 2017 with simplex


      Swiss Economic Forum 2017 videos are brought to you by simplex.

      new Partner: HIVE Streaming


      Together with our partner Hive, the leading provider of Peer-2-Peer Streaming, we are even better able to support our customers.

      ECS Streaming with simplex


      The 10th instalment of the Swiss Energy and Climate Summit will cast its eyes to the future and deliver concrete answers. The theme of this year’s event is "Building Tomorrow". The pioneering technology of simplex fits their needs and applies for live and ondemand video streaming. 

      Migration of media10 to Cloudstack


      In order to ensure our customers a great service we will migrate our shared cloud server from a managed environment to a cloud environment on Wednesday June 26th 2016 between 10pm and 11pm.

      All previously uploaded projects will be available during this time. They will not be available for a few minutes at the end of the update though.

      Announcing your live-events


      We love to support our customers from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm with an excellent customer service. You can reach us outside our business hours under the number +41 44 580 97 16 (a fee will be charged). Individual SLAs can be made.

      We would appreciate if you inform us about your live-events outside business hours in order to guarantee availability and support.

      Simplex Pro Auto Update


      Relating to the newest version of Simplex Pro we would like to show you how to activate Auto Update in Simplex Pro:

      On Mac OSX:

      1. Click on “Simplex Pro” in the top left corner of the menu
      2. Click on “Preferences”
      3. Change to the tab “Auto Update”
      4. Set the switch to “enable”
      5. Save your changes with “Update”

      On Windows:

      1. Click on “File” in the top left corner of the menu
      2. Click on “Preferences”
      3. Change to the tab “Auto Update”
      4. Set the switch to “enable”
      5. Save your changes with “Update”

      New Simplex Pro version


      Due to software changes we would like to recommend you to install Simplex Pro 1.1.3. Older versions of the software will not be able to work after July 1st 2016.

      Choose the download link based on your operating system:

      Mac OSX

      Windows (64-bit)

      Windows (64-bit)

      New channel-player for Cash


      We are proud that the Swiss financial service provider Cash decided for our channel-player.

      So do you? Combine various videos into one channel and give your viewers the possibility to click on the video of their choice.

      You can reach the Cash channel-player with the following link:

      Facebook and Simplex Pro


      Take advantage of the social media functions of Simplex Pro and Simplex Player and stream your live-event on Facebook. Just copy the link from Simplex Pro and paste it into your Facebook post.

      With one click you publish your live-event to Facebook.

      Live broadcasting of the St. Gall Symposium and Miss Eastern Switzerland


      The 46. St. Gall Symposium and the final show of Miss Eastern Switzerland was broadcasted live with simplex. Almost 3000 viewers were able to watch these events live on desktop computers and mobile devices. Also they were able to use the new live-sharing feature for sharing video content on Facebook. Of which more in our newsletter in june.

      New team members


      We're pleased to welcome Nico Kerger (Sales) and Martin Bächtold (System Engineer) in out team.

      New chapter feature in simplex Pro / Player


      Sometimes it can be very helpful to have the possibility to create chapters for videos with a long duration. Now simplex Pro comes with a new feature:

      Move the pointer on the timeline in simplex Pro to the desired position in the video and click on the chapter icon on the left. If you'd like to rename the chapters you can open the tab Library on the top right to do so.

      The simplex Player shows the chapters on the right-hand side in a sidebar. Simply click on a chapter to jump to a particular position in your video.

      Support out of office hours


      Our support is available Monday until Friday from 9am — 5pm for free. Out of office hours you can call us on +41 44 580 97 16 with costs. Contact us if you'd like to know more about our SLAs.

      News website on


      The all new website on presents the simplex platform its capabilities regarding webcasting, video portals and interactive videos and shows examples for your idea generation.

      xtendx Shared Cloud server update (media10)


      We'll update our servers (media10) on May 25th 2016 between 10 - 11pm. Some functions (e.g. creating new video projects) will be available to a limited extent in this timeframe. The devlivery of existing videos will not be affected.

      New xtendx AG Homepage


      We’re thrilled  to announce the release of our new webpage Your feedback is much appreciated!


      Zuger Kantonalbank counts on simplex Collector


      With Zuger Kantonalbank another bank decided to go with simplex. Zuger Kantonalbank will use the simplex Collector as the tool of choice for Digital Assets.

      X-days Live Streaming with Kilchenmann


      Our partner Kilchenmann is streaming the X -days in Interlaken with simplex Pro - live and on-demand.

      Upgrade of simplex Server


      New customer requirements call for an upgrade of our infrastructure. New version: simplex server 2.15.10


      xtendx live from Swiss Marketing Day 2016


      Our partner mediarent is publishing the Swiss Marketing Day 2016 in Lucerne with simplex Pro.


      Swiss Life are streaming their annual results with simplex


      Our customer Swiss Life is using simplex Pro and the simplex Player for the announcement of the 2015 Annual Results.

      Xtendx welcomes Basler Kantonalbank


      "Basler Kantonalbank" as a new customer will use the simplex platform for internal/external video communication.

      The Swiss Parliament goes live with simplex


      Starting with the spring session, the Swiss Parliament debates are available for everyone through the simplex Platform.


      Upgrade simplex Server


      Increased demands on our infrastructure lead to an upgrade of the servers.

      Actual version: simplex Server 2.15.9.

      new simplex Pro Release (1.1.1)


      A new version of simplex Pro will be released, which is compatible to Mac OSX El Capitan: simplex Pro 1.1.1.


      Welcome Helvetia


      With "Helvetia Versicherungen AG" another important insurance company is using simplex for ​​webcasting.


      Interactive Videos


      A new function to play interactive Videos was released. See interactive Videos or the newsletter about this topic.

      simplex Collector


      As a foundation for extensive projects such as the "Media Room", the new member of the simplex Platform, the simplex Collector is in charge. The intuitive and fully integrated digital asset management manages images, documents, and videos in different formats, which can be summarized as collections and be shared internally. Digital collaboration at its best.


      New positions Customer Success Manager


      We welcome our new Customer Success Managers, Ahmed Goumri and Pascal Wedam in the team of xtendx. 

      "Die Schweizerische Mobiliar" goes live with "Medienraum"


      We are very excited to go live with  the media room from the swiss insurer “Schweizerische Mobiliar”. Read the official press release:

      Upgrade simplex Server


      New Release of the simplex Server (2.15.8) for bug-fixing.

      Stefan Guggisberg new COO for xtendx AG


      As part of the growth strategy, the Board of Directors of xtendx AG has appointed Stefan Georg Guggisberg as new COO. He will be responsible for the daily operational business of xtendx AG from January 1th, 2016.


      Swiss Digital Video Day


      xtendx is co-organizer of the first Swiss Digital Video Day in french speaking part of Switzerland. This event will take place in the premises of the private TV station "LA TELE" and thus provides a suitable format. The event will be held in French (English translation). Register via the webseite.

      Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2015


      If you were not able to participate on the "Aussenwirtschaftsforum 2015"? No problem, watch here your favorite key notes in the  On-demand Channel.

      "Webcast about Webcasts"


      We thank to our partner, the gate production, for the webcast about webcasts.


      New face on xtendx headquarter


      We are very pleased and glad to welcome Patrick Fehr in our project team.


      press release


      We’re pleased to  announce the capital increase of xtendx AG. As you read from the press release, we have decided to strengthen our financial strength, to further develop our existing products portfolio and market presence.


      NZZ xdays


      You were not attending the NZZ Xdays? No problem, see now all key notes in the on-demand video portal, powered by simplex.


      GAM Holding AG Townhall Meeting


      Internal Live Webcast directly from the Technopark Zurich.


      ALPIQ Annual results 2013


      Live Webcast and on-demand recording of the «Bilanz­medien­konferenz» and «Finanz­analysten­konferenz» from the Hotel Widder in Zurich.

      Esprix 2014


      With the ESPRIX Swiss Award for Excellence only outstanding Swiss companies will be honored. We stream it live. 

      Swiss Marketing Day 2014


      Publishing the presentations on value- based marketing: Enhancing strategies and best practices. Lucerne Carnival Streaming


      First live stream of the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung». Lucerne Carnival - Fritschi Umzug

      Meier Media Live


      «Meier Media» now counts on xtendx products for the Broadcast of the Ice Climbing World Cup and various floorball games.

      Vontobel Multicast Webcasts


      Installation of internal simplex multicast support for live streaming.

      Blick am Abend


      "Blick am Abend" launched their new web site. Noted Raper Bligg was invited for an exclusive concert, which was to be seen via live stream on the page. An ideal task where simplex impressed both fans and media.

      UBS Traders Night


      In cooperation with our partner Canon (Switzerland) AG, the xtendx AG streamed the Traders Night worldwide with impressive performance and quality.

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