Citrix Workspace Player

Citrix Workspace Player

Initial situation

Citrix Workspace is the industry-leading virtual application and desktop solution. The benefit is that IT has the necessary control over the infrastructure while the employees can securely access applications and data.

The ease of use significantly contributes to the aceptance of desktop virtualization in enterprises. Employees want to work as performant with their thin clients as with local applications on a powerful desktop. Playing videos by multiple users at the same time results in high CPU and network utilization. Videos are decompressed and rendered on the server, and the data is sent over the network in uncompressed form. This leads to limitations in video playback on the thin clients.


  • simplex player for Citrix Workspace: For customers of the simplex platform, a player has been implemented which is optimized for use in a Citrix virtual desktop solution.
  • HDX Adaptive Transport: Integrating HDX Adaptive Transport gives users the best possible performance while reducing bandwidth consumption.
  • HDX MediaStream: This feature enhances the audio and video quality rendered on the server to a level that matches audio and video played locally on the client device.


  • Performance: The utilization of the CPU and the network should be reduced.
  • Scalability: Simultaneous playback of videos by multiple users should not affect the scalability of the server.
  • Ease of use: Video playback should be just as performant as local applications on a traditional desktop PC.

Standard video playback with high server load

Standard video playback

By default, videos are decompressed and rendered on the server, resulting in high CPU and network utilization for many concurrent accesses, and thus video playback restrictions on the thin clients.

Optimized video playback

For customers of the simplex platform, a player has been implemented, which is optimized for use in a Citrix Virtual Desktop solution. The video signal is passed in compressed form to the thin client. This decompresses and renders the data for presentation in the video player. This relieves the CPU and memory of the central server and does play the videos smooth and high quality.

Optimized video playback with the simplex player for Citrix Workspace
HDX technology enables optimized video playback in a Citrix Virtual Desktop solution

Citrix HDX technology

Citrix HDX technology enables bandwidth-efficient video transmission for virtual applications and desktops. With adaptive compression, HDX provides better image quality for video. The HDX standard provides better performance for bandwidth- and compute-intensive media content while reducing bandwidth consumption by up to 60% with high server scalability.


  • The videos are played smooth and in high quality.
  • The thin client decompresses and renders video content and releases the CPU usage of the server.
  • The data is transmitted over the network in compressed form, which reduces bandwidth consumption.

Services xtendx

  • Analysis and conception
  • Project management and coordination
  • Integration Citrix HDX technology
  • Implementation of simplex player for Citrix Workspace

Products in use

  • simplex Player

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