Mobiliar Medienraum

Mobiliar Medienraum

Initial situation

Demand for video content continues to grow, business networks are becoming increasingly complex. If many users are viewing the same content at the same time, the network is under enormous strain. This can affect the quality of the transmission or the connection of the entire internal network.


  • Based on the Simplex Collector (DAM): Individual metadata concept and flexible enhancements
  • Efficient and fast data access: Less network load due to simplex caching boxes
  • Reliable operation and secure data: simplex Private Cloud Server


  • Conception: Individual needs in the metadata concept
  • Complex network structure: Multiple retrieval of the same files from around 80 general agencies throughout Switzerland

Storage and management

The simplex Collector is the online DAM (Digital Asset Management) of the simplex Platform. Documents, images, video and audio files can be uploaded, managed in collections or shared with just a few clicks.

All important videos, pictures and documents in one place
Individual configuration

Tailor-made solution

The web-based simplex Collector receives all popular videos, images and documents, and manages them centrally. Additional file versions such as languages or qualities can be linked together. A test and release process allows data to be supplied by external agencies. Different user rights ensure that only approved objects are in circulation. It is also possible to connect to internal AD servers or Youtube channels.

Reduced network load

The file query from a Mobilar agency ends on a local caching box. If the file is present on the box, it is delivered from there, which does not burden the network. If it is not (yet) available, the data will be loaded once from the main server. This ensures that each file is transferred at most once from the main server and then can be viewed locally unlimited.

Efficient access
Adaptation to individual requirements, security and data protection

Security and governance

Mobiliar uses a Private Cloud Server Edition to operate the web-based simplex Collector. The needs-based server instance is operated in a certified Swiss data center, which ensures the necessary security.


  • The intensive cooperation with the customer in the elaboration of the metadata concept has made a successful project possible.
  • With simplex Collector (Digital Asset Management) individual enhancements are possible in the future as well.
  • xtendx offers reliable service and operation according to customer needs.
More than 5000 users of the Mobiliar group and selected business partners use the platform to share digital content. The caching boxes for network optimization and the Swiss private cloud meet our security and governance requirements.“
Evelyne Künzle, Head of Strategy & Projects Corporate Communications

Services xtendx

  • Analysis and conception
  • Project management and coordination
  • Elaboration metadata concept
  • Individual adjustments and enhancements
  • Service and operation

Services of the customer

  • Intensive collaboration in the elaboration of the metadata concept
  • Internal announcement and introduction
  • Management of data on the platform
  • Feature set list for further development stages

Products in use

  • simplex Collector
  • simplex Cachebox

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