Roadshow for PwC Switzerland

Roadshow for PwC Switzerland

Initial situation

The customer wants to inform employees every year about current events at a roadshow in Zurich Oerlikon. At the auditorium the employees can attend the event live. Employees who are not on location should be able to follow the video stream live via internet. Afterwards the roadshow event will be published as an ondemand video on the intranet.


  • Technical setup: The setup and commissioning and testing of the technical equipment (cameras, lights, microphones, direction, mixing consoles, etc.) is carried out professionally by our partner Mediarent.
  • Smooth operation: The specially created website with logic for forwarding to the stream as well as network configurations for a smooth operation even with more than 1000 simultaneous accesses is carried out by xtendx.
  • Video with synchronized presentations: xtendx secures the smooth stream to the Internet and changes the presentation slides in the online video according to the presentation on the stage.
  • Spectators as active participants: In the hall, handheld microphones are used to transmit questions from the audience present to online viewers.
  • Evaluation: After the event, a farewell message will be displayed on the website. xtendx evaluates the online accesses and passes on the findings (number of viewers internal/external, login logs, chat history and network information) to the customer.


  • Quality: A video live-streaming in high quality and with multiple cameras should be produced.
  • Internet connection: The network load of the internal network should be minimized so that the Internet connection to business-critical processes is not affected.
  • Integrated Login: Access to the webcast should be protected. Only internal employees as well as individual external persons have access via login.
  • Webcast: Synchronous presentation of video streams & PowerPoint/PDF presentations.
  • Chat: Questions from the online-chat should be moderated and possibly passed on to the speakers on the podium and answered.

xtendx technology setup

Live chat

The questions from the live chat were transmitted via a screen directly to the speakers on the podium.

Simplex Pro

With Simplex Pro, the presentations were faded in, the live chat moderated and the webcast recorded and published for later viewing.

PowerPoint slides in the stream
Google Analytics: viewers by region

Internal and external viewers

For access to the live webcast, a landingpage was implemented specifically for this occasion with protected access for internal employees and external persons. Triage was needed as internal viewers were supposed to receive the livestream via the Hive-Client while external viewers called the stream directly from our livestream cloud. Both accesses were password protected.

With Google Analytics it was possible to analyze in real time the number of viewers and their locations and devices used.

Hive peer-to-peer technology

Hive peer-to-peer technology adapts dynamically and flexibly to the existing network infrastructure and scales arbitrarily without additional hardware as the audience's devices are used as distribution nodes. Despite this technical challenge, all viewers get the livestream synchronized.

Through the Hive peer-to-peer technology was in this one event under 1%, resp. just transported 7Mbps from our livestream cloud. All other viewers received the stream internally peer2peer. This means a saving of over 99% of the network bandwidth used over the Internet.

Hive statistic (example picture): saved bandwidth in%


If many receivers in the same network want to receive a stream, the peer-to-peer technology can be used to relieve the network. With «Hive-for-simplex» we offer a state-of-the-art solution in a user-friendly environment.


  • Thanks to professional partners xtendx and Mediarent, good planning and the right concept, the event could be carried out successfully.
  • The online participants had direct access to the stream via the website and were even able to actively participate via live chat.
  • The presentation slides were displayed in parallel and in good quality, regardless of the device used (laptop, mobile).
  • We were pleasantly surprised by the view count and the normal operation of the business applications was stable even during the live event.
„Providing a live stream within the corporate network is a big challenge. xtendx accompanied us and provided an ideal solution with the simplex platform, with which we can reliably serve both internal and external target groups.“
Mirco Stoffel, ITS-Manager, PwC Switzerland
„For the live-stream of PwC Switzerland, we have developed a solution with state-of-the-art peer-to-peer technology, which guarantees high security and minimum network load with high quality.“
Patrick Fehr, Product Manager, xtendx AG

Services xtendx

  • Project management and coordination
  • Implementation of a landingpage for internal and external viewers
  • Implementation of an HTML5 video player with Hive integration
  • OnSite Pre-Event Support
  • OnSite Event Support
  • Analysis and Evaluation of Spectators and Performance (Google Analytics, Hive Statistics)

Third party services

  • The roadshow was organized by the PR & Communications Department.
  • Dr.W.A.Günther Media Rent AG was responsible for the technical and operational flow of the event.
  • xtendx was on-site with two people for the change of the presentations, the chat moderation, as well as the operation and monitoring of the live webcast.

Products in use

  • simplex Pro
  • simplex Server
  • simplex Player

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