Swiss Re Player

Swiss Re Player

Initial situation

The video and audio player used by Swiss Re was originally created using Adobe Flash technology and later ported to an HTML5 version. There were several versions of the player with different configurations and representations. The correct representation was depentent from the embed code on the website because the width and height of the player was defined by parameters.


  • Development based on the simplex PDK (Player Development Kit): The simplex Player Development Kit offers flexibility in design and allows specific functional enhancements.
  • Support of various display variants: The Swiss Re Player allows different display variants for the playback of video and audio.
  • Customer-specific implementation: In addition to the design based on the corporate design specifications, specific parameters and analytics tracking events were implemented.


  • Conception: To show all display variants and the behavior of the elements on different screen sizes, wireframes were developed and described in a requirements document.
  • Backward compatibility: Existing videos with different resolutions, which were already integrated on the website, should continue to be supported with the new player.
  • Testing: Comprehensive test scenarios for checking the correct representation with various resolutions and representations.

Optimal presentation of webcasts and videos in the Swiss Re Player

Responsive design

The Swiss Re Player automatically adjusts the size and proportion to the used screen size and the video resolution. Presentations, screencasts and videos in different proportions are displayed optimally. Low-resolution videos are deliberately not up-scaled to preserve the representation quality.

Representation options

The Swiss Re Player plays both video and audio and recognizes what kind of content has to be displayed. Depending on whether a project contains presentations, chapter markers, downloads or links, the corresponding variant is displayed, thus guaranteeing optimum usability.

Representation of different variants of projects
Parameters for the adaptation of header and preview image

Custom parameters

Next to the standard parameters of the simplex player, the Swiss Re Player supports further customer-specific parameters. For example, the logo of the individual business units is adapted or the header with logo and project title completely hidden. For audio projects, the preview image can be hidden. The parameters can be defined once in the profile and apply to future as well as existing videos.


The authentication methods which are available in simplex Pro are also supported in the Swiss Re Player. To be able to protect the videos, a password for all users or individual logins for specific users can be created. In addition, SAML2 enables a connection to existing Active Directory Servers.

Authentication method in simplex Pro and login in Swiss Re Player
Customization options with the simplex PDK (Player Development Kit)

simplex PDK (Player Development Kit)

The Swiss Re Player was developed on the basis of the simplex Player Development Kit (PDK). In order for Swiss Re to be able to carry out customer-specific enhancements on its own, the mode of operation and the customization options have been documented and a demo provided. Future adjustments can be made by the customer himself.


  • The detailed analysis and the intensive cooperation with the customer during conception made a successful project possible.
  • The Swiss Re Player supports various variants of projects with different proportions of videos and presentations.
  • The design and custom parameters allow compliance with CI/CD guidelines when integrating with the website.
  • With the simplex PDK (Player Development Kit), Swiss Re can independently carry out customer-specific extensions.
  • The xtendx support and the SLA (Service Level Agreement) enable a reliable service according to the customer needs.
„The new player meets our expectations of high quality and ease of use. The xtendx team is a reliable partner for projects and daily operations.
Ali Tokmen, Customer Experience & Digital Delivery, Swiss Re Management Ltd
„The Swiss Re Player does have a modern design and has been developed on the basis of the simplex PDK. This allows a flexible development also for future requirements.
Reto Kuhn, Project Manager, xtendx AG

Services xtendx

  • Analysis and conception
  • Project management and coordination
  • Implementation of the Swiss Re Player
  • Testing and Rollout
  • PDK (Player Development Kit) documentation and demo
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Services of the customer

  • Intensive cooperation with the Swiss Re Application Manager during conception.
  • Acceptance tests in the productive environment by Swiss Re Management Ltd.
  • Implementation of customer-specific requirements with the PDK (Player Development Kit).

Products in use

  • simplex Player

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