Video Portal Swiss Unihockey TV

Video Portal Swiss Unihockey TV

Initial situation

The live broadcast of sports events on the Internet is popular and increases the range enormously. The recording for later viewing (on-demand) not only provides the team with the basis for later discussions, but also offers equal opportunities for teams analyzing the opponent's style of play. For this reason, it is desirable in the professional field, all games as live and ondemand video on the Internet (streaming) and store in a video portal.

The technologies used place different demands on the operability and the production processes are partly associated with great manual effort. It lacks a uniform, centralized system that meets the demands of marketing to the visual appearance and statistical evaluations. The increasing demands of the spectators as well as the increasing demands on the technical infrastructure and the associated costs pose major challenges for the sports association.


  • Individual video portal: A centralized video portal for all live and on-demand video projects with calendar of the next live games and video archive with search function.
  • Automation: Automated processes with programming interfaces simplify production, minimize effort and costs.
  • Performance: By using a CDN (content delivery network), video content can be delivered to thousands of viewers quickly and in high quality and could be statistically evaluated.


  • Integration: Seamless integration into the website of Swiss Unihockey.
  • Automation: Uniform and easy production of live streams.
  • Programming interface: Integration of the Swiss Unihockey API for data enrichment.
  • Live streaming: Transfer of various games optimized for different bandwidths simultaneously.
  • Performance: Optimal delivery of content for an uninterrupted experience in high quality.

Integration in die Responsive Website

Optimal presentation

The simplex channel player is optimized for integration into a responsive website and automatically adapts to the available width of the screen. This ensures optimal presentation and operability on different devices.

Various channels and search function

The simplex Channel Player transforms the website into a modern multimedia center with multiple channels. In addition to the current live games, visitors will quickly find the latest videos in the overview.

Through a search in the channels you can quickly find the videos of your favorite team or a video for a specific date.

simplex channel player with various channels and search function
Pre-roll commercials attract a lot of attention

Video Advertising

Live and on-demand video will show commercials before the actual video content.

The simplex player supports the VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) standard of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). This standard defines the communication between the video player and the ad server, delivers the scheduled commercials, and provides the appropriate reporting for advertisers.

System architecture

Swiss Unihockey supplies the incoming video signals as well as further information about the teams and games via a programming interface. The video project is automatically supplemented with the correct preview image and other game information and processed for presentation on the video portal.

The recording starts and stops automatically based on the incoming video signal. The on-demand versions of the live games are automatically published on the portal without any manual post-processing.

System architecture of the automated simplex solution
xtendx is partner and silver sponsor of Swiss Unihockey

A strong team

Since 2016, xtendx has been silver sponsor of Swiss Unihockey. The video portal is based on the simplex platform. The individual solution was developed and implemented by xtendx.


  • The simplex Platform enables clear presentation and easy management of videos in channels.
  • Due to the individual design in compliance with CI/CD guidelines, the video portal is optimally integrated into the website.
  • The simplex Automation Server and the API of the simplex Media Server allow automated processes for recording and publishing live streams.
  • The scalable Live Encoding Cloud infrastructure allows simultaneous transfer of multiple games with multiple encoder settings
  • For optimal performance, the video content is delivered via a CDN (Content Delivery Network)
„We have reviewed a variety of video platform solutions. The solution from xtendx and the people behind it have completely convinced us.
Michael Zoss, Managing Director, Swiss Unihockey
„The cooperation with Swiss Unihockey is a win-win situation. We are pleased to be able to enrich another sports platform with video streaming together with Swiss Unihockey.“
Charles A. Fraefel, CEO, xtendx AG

Services xtendx

  • Analysis and conception
  • Project management and coordination
  • Implementation, operation and support of the video portal
  • Partner and silver sponsor of Swiss Unihockey

Services of the customer

  • Production of live streams by over 10 teams from the Swiss Unihockey National League
  • Commercialization of the video portal and advertising in the video content

Products in use

  • simplex Pro
  • simplex Automation
  • simplex Server
  • simplex Player

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