Webcasting Studio

Webcasting Studio

Initial situation

Videos are playing an increasingly important role in the areas of training, documentation and knowledge transfer. Webcasts have also established themselves in companies as a useful supplement to knowledge transfer. The emotional combination of moving image and sound communicates the message personally and authentically.

It is planned to broadcast lectures and information for the employees live at regular intervals as a video with a presentation. The recording of the webcast should be available for later playback as ondemand video. The production should be simple and independent and meet the high quality requirements. A webcasting studio will be set up in the room where the presentations will take place.


  • Webcast PoC (Proof of Concept): With a first webcast the feasibility has been proved and the stakeholders have been convinced.
  • Equipment proposal: Based on the premises, the existing infrastructure and the requirements to the webcast, a proposal for the required equipment was developed.
  • Setup Webcasting Studio: Camera and light were set up and put into operation and the configuration for the picture composition (Picture in Picture) made.


  • Concept: Definition of the solution based on customer requirements; Integration of the existing audio system, presentation as video signal, image composition Picture in Picture (PiP).
  • Simplicity: The production of webcasts should be simple and of high quality. Setup of live stream and recording with short preparation time.
  • Scalability: Use of the simplex platform through additional branches in other locations with existing equipment.

The image of the camera shows the person who presents.

Talk to your audience

The webcasting camera for live broadcasting can be fixed or flexibly set up on a tripod. No cameraman is needed with the correct angle and camera setting. If the presenting person is to be seen, the message is conveyed personally and authentically to the viewer.

Image composition Picture-in-Picture

The customer wants to show the video image and his laptop presentation in a combined picture-in-picture composition without the need to mix the input signals manually. The simplex Pro webcasting software supports various hardware and software encoders that can process multiple input signals (cameras, laptops, external subscribers) into a single video signal.

Configuration of the picture composition (Picture in Picture).
Live stream project in simplex Pro.

Simple production process

It was important to the customer that the personnel effort for the recurring webcasts are low. Thanks to the predefined processes and the appropriate hardware, a live stream can be started within minutes. The recording of it is available as ondemand video a short time after the live event.


  • With a first webcast as PoC (proof of concept) the proof of the feasibility could be provided and the stakeholders could be convinced.
  • The holistic consultation and the optimal equipment enabled the Webcasting Studio to be successfully put into operation.
  • With the fixed installed hardware and the defined production process webcasts can be produced easily and in high quality.
„Thanks to the studio, we are able to perform high-quality live streams on a regular basis, and with minimal effort. The consultation and service provided by xtendx convinced us."
Lars Vetter, TBF + Partner AG
„With the established Webcasting Studio, the customer can create live streams and recordings completely independent and in high-quality. We are convinced that this is highly appreciated by the audience."
Pascal Wedam, Customer Success Manager, xtendx AG

Services xtendx

  • Consulting and coordination
  • Webcast PoC (proof of concept)
  • Proposal webcasting studio equipment and production process
  • Set up webcasting studio and instruction
  • Flat rate live streaming license

Services of the customer

  • Together with our production partner Gate Productions, the first webcast was conducted as a successful PoC (proof of concept).
  • With the material and expertise of our technology partner Visuals the right hardware for the studio was found and selected.

Products in use

  • simplex Pro
  • simplex Server
  • simplex Player

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