simplex Platform

A one-stop-solution

The simplex Platform offers companies easy and rapid solutions for video and other rich-media data. Designed in modules, the individual elements can thereby be elegantly combined and customized.

On-demand Video

Publishing has never been easier. Once your video has been imported into the simplex Platform, it is available on any browser and mobile device. 

Live Streaming

Live with one click. With just the touch of a button, you are live. Whether spontaneous or planned, the simplex Platform offers all functions on a user-friendly interface.

Digital Asset Management

Keeps it organized. The integrated digital asset management of simplex Platform provides order and structure and allows collaborative work with employees, partners and agencies.


Integrated. A ingenious IT infrastructure in the background connects the simplex Platform with your familiar environment, and it enables automated processing and publication workflows.

Flexible Front-End

Adaptable. The Player Development Kit (SDK) allows the simplex Player to adapt to any corporate design while remaining fast and flexible.

Scalability & Power

Boundless Power. Geared to your requirements in terms of quality, number of users, bandwidth, or size of the memory — there are no limits.

The simplex Platform provides solutions for all enterprise requirements in the field of audio / video streaming and digital asset management. The modular design enables the creation and management of on-demand video platforms, Live streaming solutions, and rich media management, while remaining easy to use and flexible. The individual elements can be elegantly combined and customized.

The simplex Platform product family consists of different modules to support companies in the use of multimedia, from production to the managed delivery to detailed analysis.

All modules at a glance

simplex Meeting

Invite people anywhere in the world to a virtual meeting, organize the agenda, and then send all of the meeting’s revised documents and notes as an email.

simplex Server

The high-performance unit manages the content and delivers it reliably. Furthermore, it provides the necessary security and protects your content against unauthorized access.

simplex Player

Create your individual window tailored to your audience, for on-demand and livestreams with/without a presentation from any device and browser, and on request in your own look-and-feel.

simplex Collector

The web-based DAM system organizes all your documents, videos and photos into user-friendly collections and enables collaborative work at different levels — as simple as efficient.

simplex Pro

Produce a live or on-demand webcast with chat and survey functions within minutes. Supplemented with subtitles or interactive elements, your project is ready for delivery — internally or public.


The web application is the entry to the simplex Platform and share your videos in a fast and uncomplicated way. From anywhere with a web access — to where you want it.

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