simplex Collector

Manage your multimedia content

The simplex Collector is the DAM ( Digital Asset Management ) of the simplex Platform.
Upload, catalog and manage all your documents, pictures, videos and audios.

The revolution of structure

With the simplex Collector your digital content gets a home base. Everything from videos, images and documents all come together here under one roof. Streamline your corporate communication. Find exactly what you are looking for and discover additional related results. Collect your favorite files in a collection and send them to your customers. Or invite others from your organization to create their own content. So simplex.


More than just another DAM

But the simplex Collector is not just another digital asset management system. In conjunction with the simplex platform, you publish videos directly out of the simplex Collector. And if you upload a new video, it is automatically processed to make it playable across all devices.

Working collaboratively? No problem! Provide your assets in the simplex Collector with one click to other employees or external service providers. On the other hand, they deliver their assets directly to your Collector, and you will be notified when it's all there. After a quick approval from your side, the files are available for everyone.


A variety of advantages

The simplex Collector combines the advantages of a protected DAM system with those of public portals. It's an easy way to upload any content in any format — high definition videos, photos, audios and documents — and organize it into themes and collections. Share individual files or a complete collections, both internally or publicly.

Collections can be set to private or public, depending on the use of the files. Different user rights ensure that only authorized objects are in circulation. And if you have different versions of a file, such as different languages, ​​or more than one quality, just create an alternate file and link it to the original.


Which one do you prefer?

The simplex Collector is a web-based solution available in versions "public cloud", "private Cloud" or "on-premise". With respect to your requirements regarding number of users, bandwidth or storage, almost no limits are set.

  Info about simplex Server editions  


simplex Collector for testing

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Global access

You only need a web browser to access your assets.

Intuitive interface

Focus on what matters most: Your assets.

Advanced search

An elaborate algorithm will help you to find everything that you are looking for.

Embedded Player

The integrated simplex Player plays video and audio files.


Publish videos automatically through the simplex Platform .


Assets can be published at a predetermined date.


Images, audio and video files are processed automatically.

Reports & Statistics

Find out which assets are used most.

Batch import

Capture multiple assets simultaneously in the catalog and save time.


Define detailed permissions of who gets access to what files.

Alternative files

Generate additional versions for each asset.

Questions about simplex Collector?

Send us a message. We'd love to explain everything to you in a one-to-one talk.

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