Digital Asset Management

One for all

A digital asset management ( DAM ) handles the storage and management of digital content. This includes a structured storage, an intelligent search, archiving old content, as well as the compilation of files to a package.

Digital content include images, videos, audios, and documents in various formats. Ideally, all content of one topic is not stored in different libraries but ordered centrally. This is especially useful if it relates to various file formats, such as documents, images, and videos . All content can be found in a central repository, no matter what format it is in.
The DAM of simplex Platform is the simplex Collector .

Where others have several libraries to be searched for each file, simplex Collector shows all of them in one place: videos, pictures, documents and audios. Upload content with a single button and assign it a topic. Share it within your company or with external users.

Specify "Themes", which all content is assigned to. Now you can also find related data which you have not explicitly searched for, such as marketing documents or documents from other departments. Unlike with others, everything is conveniently organized so that you find all files on a subject directly next to each other.

Anyone can create collections. Simply select the files into a basket, name it and keep it to yourself or share it with employees or customers. Have you created something new, just upload and assign it to an existing collection. Access to a file is denied? With one click you easily send an access request to the owner.

We all know about the time consuming struggle of searching for the correct version. simplex Collector offers you alternative files. Whether you use multiple languages, various resolutions, or different formats of an asset, having the source file and all alternative version of it shows you all variations of a file. Invite all your team members to share their favorites for easy collaboration.


Find everything in simplex Collector

To generate an easy -to-use tray, you must be organized. Ordinarily, this has been dealt with through folder structures. But what if you don't know where to even begin a search? 

Because simplex Collector is organized with tags instead of just the traditional folder structure, you can enter any term in the freetext search field, and it will find it across all levels. This way, you can find assets that you didn’t even know that existed. In addition, all assets under a specific topic are conveniently organized directly next to each other: the marketing video, high-resolution images, the price list.

In addition, for a clear overview, you can continue to work with the classic folder structure.

A challenge for your network

But this work with digital content also means large amounts of data. A Digital Asset Manager not only brings structure and order to your digital content, but it also enables a collaborative way of working in a team and with external partners. Do you, for example, get all of your photos or video files delivered by an external agency? Often it is difficult to coordinate the various production channels and achieve a quick and safe transfer in a workflow. With a new video coming out, often the documents have to be adjusted, but what document now goes with which video?

The simplex Collector as your solution

Again, the simplex Collector helps, regardless of which user has stored a file in a public collection. With an update of the original file, all existing collections are automatically synchronized with the new version. This avoids data loss and makes sure that you always have the most recent version of your files in circulation.


As cloud solution or within your infrastructure

A DAM can be used either installed in your own data center or swapped as a cloud solution. Both versions have their advantages. We like to explain these advantages in a personal meeting, in order to tailor an ideal solution for your individual requirements.


The Digital Asset Management integrates seamlessly into the simplex Platform and enables location — independent collaborations between teams and external partners.


With simplex Collector you publish video content with just one click via the simplex Platform in different channels. Always keep control of additional versions of a file.

Full control

The simplex Collector regulates the access to various assets. Share Collections internally or externally, let more content be delivered, or sell your content directly out of the Collector.

Why simplex?

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Well experienced team
  • Proactive & professional customer support
  • Scalable & powerful system
  • High system availability
  • Flexible pricing & pay-per-use

Questions about Digital Asset Management?

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