Interactive Video

Videos with a value

Generate sales, check your public perception, or train your employees. With interactive video you get more than just clicks.

Videos itself are already a strong marketing tool. On the Internet, videos are often liked, shared, and commented on, and therefore have the a huge reach potential. But Interactive videos are far more than that. They transform viewers into valuable participants. Through specific interactions, they may influence your public image or have a deep impact on the education of your employees.

Additional Infos: 

In a single video you can deliver content for all of your needs. While the video alone gives an introduction to the subject, additional information may be displayed with interactive elements. For example, text can be displayed as pop-up or through separately linked PDFs. This allows you to provide information of varying depth through only one video, without knowing the information level of the viewer. 

Link to the Shop:

Interactive video can be used to monetize your videos. So, a recipe will not only be available for download when clicking on a cake, but it will also allow the proper kitchen utensil to be ordered by a clicking a link in the Webshop. And in your webshop, you’ll ideally have more matching products to potentially sell. Turn a simple video into a top-selling marketing tool.

Product A or B:

Involve your customers in the development of your products. Simply placed, the audience can choose between different offered interactions. The clicks are evaluated analytically from you and provide information as to which direction your viewers prefer. This will help to measure the perception of your brand or the resonance of your products, and to correct it if necessary — maybe with a complete campaign. 

Feedback trough a Quiz:

At the end of a video, provide a test with predetermined answers to make the viewer prove his newly acquired knowledge. The clicks obtained can be evaluated separately and allow your video to accurately measure the level of knowledge of your audience. Interactions can be used at any time during a video, with or without influence on the plot. 

Branching Scenarios:

Ask the audition to make a choice, and their choice will impact the direction of the rest of the video. Depending on the selection, the user jumps to another chapter or even directly to another video. Interactive videos used as a Branching Scenario are not only a pleasant way of knowledge transfer, but with purposeful interactions for training or product development, you’re able to measure the learning success equally. 

Video as a marketing tool

Through interactions in videos you reach direct sales with your message. For example, a click in a presentation video is routed directly to the appropriate product in your webshop. Include your audience and transform your viewers into valuable participants. An analysis clearly shows what videos affect your sales positively and will help you continue to use this marketing tool profitably. 


Video as the knowledge transfer

Interactive videos are also useful in education. Imagine a video, where interactive elements with links to additional information are available. Viewers that are not familiar with the subject will follow it completely, while allowing short and concise versions for all advanced viewers. Attention increases and the learning outcomes are clearly measurable.



Place selective links to the online shop to generate direct and measurable sales or leads. They appear as a marked surface in the scene, a recognizable symbol next to a product, or as a permanent button in a corner of the player — the possibilities are almost unlimited.


Divide a presentation or an entire event in different videos and let the viewer interactively switch between topics, or from video to video. Or you can ask questions, and the participant jumps directly to the next stage or back depending on their responses.


Additional links add more depth to your videos. Whether it is background information, basic knowledge for inexperienced viewer, or details on non-relevant content, with additional links the videos remain short, yet informative.


Through a prepared javascript function you execute targeted actions, such as an informative pop-up, a banner, or a ticker. Let your creativity run wild — your imagination is the only limit.

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