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simplex Meeting

Invite people anywhere in the world to a virtual meeting, organize the agenda, and then send all of the meeting’s revised documents and notes as an email: this is simplex Meeting.

A simplex meeting takes place virtually through crystal clear video conferencing. “Audio only” conferencing is also available, if desired. Upload the meeting’s documents, create and revise sketches together on an intuitive whiteboard, and capture conversation notes — everything is then conveniently prepared for automatic email delivery at the end of the session. simplex meeting is easy to use and requires no previous knowledge. Schedule an instant meeting and invite participants with just two mouse clicks.

Crystal clear sound and video

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, you'll experience crystal-clear sound and sharp video images of all meeting participants. Choose between different audio and video sources and view selected participants in a larger size.


Review all documents together

When you organize your meeting, you can upload all relevant documents in the format of your choice. Then, during the meeting, review all documents together and highlight relevant sections directly with the integrated highlighter.


Automatic distribution of your content

All interactive elements, such as the agenda, documents, whiteboards, chats, and logs are automatically sent to all participants as an email attachment right after the session is completed. While the shared documents are available to everyone, specially marked private notes are only sent to the respective creator.


Your company's progress planned and executed through video conferencing

Online meetings allow direct collaboration, strengthening the connections between your team members without wasting valuable resources. Everyone can get involved in a secure, virtual environment, regardless of where they are located. This increases productivity and allows more participants to take part in meetings without having to deal with long commutes and travel expenses.

More than just a meeting

With simplex Meeting, you can reduce costs while increasing collaboration and promoting the exchange of ideas between participants. The meeting's agenda is used as an organizational bench mark: once documents are uploaded, participants can then check off the relevant information in real-time, and share their own sketches and ideas together on the integrated whiteboard.

Virtual Meeting Types

  • Standard: up to 5 participants (video + audio)
  • Boardroom: up to 30 participants (video + audio)*
  • Audio only: up to 30 participants (audio)
  • Webinar: up to 3 moderators and 50+ participants/ max. 250 (audio + video)*

* Telephone dial-up possible

simplex Meeting Outlook AddIn for Microsoft 365

Our simplex Meeting Outlook AddIn is designed for Microsoft 365 and new Exchange Servers. The AddIn can be deployed company-wide via the Microsoft 365 Admin interface. If you have your own Exchange Server, the installation can be done internally. 


  • One software: You will stay in MS Outlook while using simplex Meeting
  • Quick start: One click on the Outlook toolbar and you can join the audio and video conferences without login.
  • Contacts: You can select your session participants directly from your Outlook address book.
  • Meeting scheduling: You can check the free appointments directly in your Outlook calendar while creating a meeting.
  • Simple synchronization: The entries in the simplex meeting calendar can be synchronized with Outlook with one click.

    simplex Meeting Outlook AddIn for Microsoft 365 - Installation Guide

    Voice & Video

    Experience crystal clear voice and video communication in your virtual meetings. We use the latest technology to ensure everyone in your meeting can be seen and heard.

    Share Documents

    Upload and share documents with all meeting participants for presentation, discussion, collaboration, and innovation. Documents can be deleted from our servers once the meeting is over.

    Share Your Screen

    Share your entire screen or just an application window with your meeting participants. Participants can switch to full screen and follow your cursor while enjoying excellent quality.


    Share your entire screen or just an application window with your meeting participants. Participants can switch to full screen and follow your cursor while enjoying excellent quality.


    Take the minutes online as you go through your agenda. Share this task among team members and allow everyone to contribute simultaneously. Create a private set of minutes for your own reference.


    Broaden your communication and support brainstorming in meetings with text messaging. Send and receive messages instantly with our real-time chat system.

    Schedule Your Meeting

    Get started right away. Setting up a meeting takes less than a minute with our user-friendly, intuitive interface. Make the most of your valuable time by defining an agenda in advance. When everyone is on the same page, you can conduct short, effective virtual meetings.


    Our feature-rich web application works on all major platforms including Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Linux. All you need is a recent version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera browser on your desktop or mobile device to use our service.

    Swiss Quality

    All of our servers are physically located in Switzerland. Your data is defended by strong Swiss data protection and privacy laws. Switzerland has no secret court orders, and our national laws shield your business secrets no matter where your company is registered.


    We treat your business data with care. All communication to and from our servers is encrypted. Audio and video conversations are encrypted end-to-end and occur on a peer-to-peer basis whenever possible. We hash all passwords with individual salt.

    Cloud or on-premise

    simplex Meeting is available as «white-label» and runs on the secure cloud or on-premise within your own infrastructure.

    Professional and simple:

    simplex meeting allows invitations to online meetings to be sent quickly and easily. A meeting can be created with just a few mouse clicks and the participants can be invited immediately or to an appointment at a future date, all through a direct web link.

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    Security settings to your firewall may initially block the live transmission of video. With a preliminary test, you determine whether your network is affected. If so, a temporary adjustment of your firewall setting can easily be made. 

    Test your connection for simplex Meeting

    Network settings

    The settings are usually already defined correctly in the standard configuration of common routers and firewalls. However, certain network and firewall adjustments may need to be made.

    For more information about firewall configuration, see the document Firewall Configuration Simplex Meeting.

    Firewall Configuration Simplex Meeting

    In your own network

    Simplex Meeting is available as a "white-label" product, customized to fit your company’s own brand, and can be used either in a secure Swiss cloud environment or on your own infrastructure.

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    Why simplex?

    • State-of-the-art technology
    • Well experienced team
    • Proactive & professional customer support
    • Scalable & powerful system
    • High system availability
    • Flexible pricing & pay-per-use

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