Video Portal

All videos in one place

Offer your viewers a single access point for all your videos. With the simplex Platform you create a video portal for your business with ease.

The simplex Platform not only adds videos to your website — it will transform it into a fully functional and interactive video portal. Choose between a standard solution or a completely individual appearance. Automatically publish video content directly to your portal.

The full overview

The video portal is designed as a complete website and shows your videos in an sorted overview. The naming of the channels and order in the sorting is up to you.

Direct publishing

The simplex Platform makes it possible to publish uploaded content directly and automatically in your portal as desired.

More about this Showcase

Default or individual

To activate an enterprise video portal for your company, either use the simplex standardized player, the «Channel Player», or create your very own player according to your wishes. Find out more at simplex Player.

Adapted to your corporate identity

There are no limits to the customization options for your own enterprise video portal. Decide on a layout that not only mirrors your corporate identity, but aims at the recognition value of your brand.

Unified Video Experience: Your Video Portal with simplex Platform

Video portals, web-TV, broadcasting, and video platforms are prevalent in many places for structured video content. Businesses use them for entertainment, training, marketing, and more. Despite their differences in design and features, they all share a central video content and additional videos recommended for the viewers.

All-in-one Solution

Offer your visitors a one-stop-shop for all your videos with the simplex Platform's Video Portal. Our solution creates a video portal that is fully customizable with your corporate identity and branding, without limitations in functionality or availability. With the Video Portal, your visitors not only find the content they are looking for, but they also have access to complementary content and products.

Flexible Integration

Our enterprise video portal can be embedded into your existing website or used as a stand-alone page. The simplex Channel Player, a standardized player, can be used to activate a video portal for your enterprise. Alternatively, you can create a custom player that suits your needs.

Customized or Standardized

Choose between our standardized simplex Channel Player or create a customized player to cater to your specific needs. Visit simplex Player for more information on player customization.


simplex Platform for your video portal:



With the simplex Platform you serve multiple interest groups simultaneously in one place, and provide overview and organization.


The simplex Platform offers complete freedom in the design of the video portal, always in compliance with your CI / CD guidelines.


Adjust the access and publication options to the security conditions of your company. Distinguish between public and sensitive content.


Publish all your videos through the simplex Platform directly into various channels and offer your audience a one-stop shop for all your relevant video content.

Why simplex?

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Well experienced team
  • Proactive & professional customer support
  • Scalable & powerful system
  • High system availability
  • Flexible pricing & pay-per-use

Questions about Video Portal?

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