Live- & OnDemand Webcasting

Create a webcast within minutes and stream it to single users or a public audience. Ondemand or Live — with simplex Pro and the simplex Platform you have a complete solution out of one hand.

A classic webcast often contains a video and a presentation. With simplex Pro you are able to produce professional webcasts without any experience or special requirements right in your office, and transmit it as a live or on-demand streaming to your target audience.

In accordance with the time

In a webcast with presentation inserted, the video and the current page of the presentation are shown simultaneously and synchronously during the whole session.

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Slides matters

When viewing in fullscreen, the speaker is displayed in an arbitrary area on the player as a small window.

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Focused on people

With a single click, the two windows are swapped, and shows prominently either the video or the current presentation page. This can be changed individually by each viewer directly in the player. If you switch off the video from the production side, the remaining part of the webcast is automatically shown in fullscreen.

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Enhancing Communication through Webcasts with simplex Pro

Webcasts offer a powerful means of communication, allowing you to reach a global audience through video. With simplex Pro, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're using a webcam or professional equipment, your webcasts can be integrated into your intranet, public website, or as a separate link. And regardless of where your viewers are located, the message remains the same: a video message that connects you with your audience.

But simplex Pro takes webcasting to a new level. It offers a range of features that enhance the audio-visual experience and add value to your communication. You can enrich your videos with additional information, making them more engaging and interactive. Depending on the application, the following items are useful:



Enter the name and function of each speaker as a lower third, and determine how long it will remain visible.


Capture different languages directly in simplex Pro ​​as subtitles or import existing SRT records.


Include the complete presentation in advance for later download. During the webcast, you will have full attention of the audience.


With additional links, you don't need to pack the complete information into the presentation, but can ask the audience to visit the links for a deeper insight.


Insert chapters in an on-demand version, to allow the viewer to jump directly to a certain slide or topic . The presentation and the video always remain in sync.


In a live stream, allow your viewers to ask questions in a chat window. Moderation is on request, so only you determine which questions will be released and visible for everyone.


For a direct feedback during a live session, start a survey with given answers to choose from. Decide for yourself whether the result will be published or not.


Create interactive elements such as areas, logos, or buttons that will end as preferred in a pop -up, a link, or even a complete JavaScript function, depending on your preferences.


Professional and still simple: 

Thanks to simplex Pro, the production of a complete webcast continues to be simple, easily created in just a few clicks, and guaranteed to have a professional appearance:




You can count on the simplex Platform in the production and processing of your webcast as well as throughout the delivery. Video data is known to require a lot of resources. Webcasts in high resolution often ends in network challenges. This is particularly true in internal structures such as Intranet where it can lead to overloading. To counter this, we force the transmitter not to use any more signals than needed, through following methods:



To enable the receiver to access a media as quickly as possible, a node can be formed by caching, where multiple requests are bundled and simulates only a single access on the server. Simplex supports this process with the leading technology of caching boxes. They come for both on-demand and Live.

How does Caching work?

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Why simplex?

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Well experienced team
  • Proactive & professional customer support
  • Scalable & powerful system
  • High system availability
  • Flexible pricing & pay-per-use

Questions about Webcasting?

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